Daniele Tornaghi starts playing the guitar at a young age, as an autodidact.
Then he decides to define his technique by studying at a first step with Tobias Winter. Later he signs up the MCR (Master's degree in rock guitar) at Donato Begotti Sound Academy in Milan, where he studied alongside important musicians such as Bebo Ferra, Claudio Bazzari and Gigi Cifarelli.
In 2006 he joines the Ananke, with whom, after a promo EP, he releases the debut album "Diary Of An Illusion" for the label Underground Symphony Records.
In 2008 he begins his career as a teacher, initially privately.
Since 2009 he starts teaching in several schools, initially in the Zona Played of Mezzago (Mb) and at the Cold Fusion Studio Bernareggio (Mb), from 2011 tp 201 at the km33 in Trezzo (MI); and later in 2019 at the Music Art Experience in Capriate (BG).


Daniele Tornaghi and his team’s mission is to work together, to create general well-being in the world of music and to generate self-confidence during performances, always looking for excellence. This can be considered a part of their main activity of development and research of new music forms. In line with this mission, Daniele Tornaghi considers very important the development of trust and satisfaction that his students, staff and public opinion have for his performance and for his integrity.